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To Do Lists

Do you make lists?

I love making lists. I have lists for everything.

- Grocery

- Weekend plans

- Declutter Bee

- Content ideas

- Shelter

- Ikea shopping list

- New home - must have

- New home - good to have

- Travel bucket list

- Travel check lists

& so on

But the beauty of all this is that they are on one platform which can be accessed digitally from anywhere - phone or laptop.

Moreover, lists like grocery, shopping lists, etc. that are for our family are shared and can be updated/edited by any one in the household. So, it is not one person's sole responsibility to make that list. When I know we are low on laundry detergent, I will add that to the grocery list. When my husband knows we are low on milk, he will add that to the grocery list. The grocery is done only once a week and the list is ready before we go shopping. The responsibility of creating the list is distributed. You can also include kids to add their requirements to the list.

I create shared shopping lists for clients as well. They know what to buy and where to buy it from.

I use the Microsoft To Do app. There are many more such apps out there (wunderlist, Google Keep) that help you create lists and stay on top of everything.

Book a consultation with me to get more help on getting your household organized.

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