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Nicole B.

Had such a great experience!! Helped me organize my closet and dresser and helped me think of new and updated storage solutions. So happy with end results!
I recommend!

Eva D.

Sahiba was great! She helped us organize our office and develop systems and find clever storage solutions! Thanks so much!

Rose J.

She’s very good at what she does. She has a great system to get everything done accordingly. I was very impressed with her work. She delivers as promised. I definitely plan to hire her in the future as well as recommending her to my friends and family.

Rosemary B.

Sahiba was a lifesaver for us. Shortly after our move to much smaller space I had emergency surgery and was unable to get organized. She figured how much time it would take and made numerous visits to our home to guide us in finding space for everything and organizing our entire condo. I have already recommended Sahiba to another family and would unreservedly do so again. In our case it was worth every cent.

Charlene N.

Sahiba is my go to person when I need organization. She took a difficult project and figured out a way to organize it - that I hadn't even considered. I'm grateful for her professionalism, attention to detail, gentle reminders and understanding what needed to go and what could be repurposed. Her rates are competitive and fair and she's exceptional at what she does!

Aravind K.

Sahiba helped us plan our space, unpack our belongings and all the while she provided useful suggestions that we plan to incorporate soon. We were impressed with her initial consultation (she spent a good one hour both in our old and new place), and her commitment to the project (she even helped clean one particular old cabinet of trash from long gone past that we hadn't noticed). Thanks to her ideas, we have an easy to access, practically organized kitchen.

Nishita S.

As a young girl I could never really boast of great skills at household chores  nor of great organization skills. When I got married and moved to a new city, it was quite a difficult situation because I didn't even know where to get started.

Sahiba came to the rescue. The young girl, still in college, asked us the right questions and understood, without judging, what our priorities were.

She thoughtfully planned and organized our stuff and got us started on the right foot.

Snap, to a few years later in life, we moved into another house. Life was very different. Unlike the previous one, this one was to be home to a couple that spent 12-14 hours a day at work and related commute. With a baby on the way, we needed organization more now than ever before. And Sahiba made sure that I didn't have to worry about it. From decluttering, to what we could recycle and reuse to what we needed new - she seamlessly made us decide without us realizing it.

Today while we are miles apart, I'm not surprised one bit that she has taken this up professionally. Over the years, Sahiba has exemplified for us what organized living means. She is truly a natural!

Neelima B.

Sahiba has amazing organizational skills - both of people and spaces. This gets enhanced with her impeccable sense of design and aesthetics, admirable resourcefulness coupled with a keen eye for detail.
Its always a pleasure to see her systematic approach to all her projects. Also, Sahiba is open minded and flexible - hallmark of a creative mind. That's why I rush to her whenever I'm facing a creative block.

Poonam C.

Sahiba is a true professional!She is very methodical, helps make quick and effective decisions about what to keep, what to donate/trash. Not only is the end result rewarding and functional but she helps sustain that with some easy to implement ideas. Would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for help organizing their space.

Shweta S.

I know Sahiba from my personal connections and when she mentioned that she is venturing into professional organization, I had to try that. I live in a one bed apartment and kind of careless with things which are hidden inside, for instance in drawers and closets - decluttering is something that I was looking for in my life and that’s exactly what Sahiba helped me in a big way. Declutter bee helped me organized my fridge, smaller drawers and cabinets in kitchen and shoe closet. Sahiba got me to see the space in a whole new way. The organized space was not just pleasing to use everyday but also maximized the usage. She measured all the spaces by herself and bought necessary items based on my budget. She also gave me advice on other spaces in my apartment as well. I cannot recommend Sahiba and Declutter Bee highly enough. Would be using her amazing services again for other areas.

Petaluma L.

Sahiba made a huge difference in my life—she helped me clean, declutter, and organize my room full of 9 years of stuff, and my very cluttered bathroom shelf! My room feels twice as big! She was very knowledgeable and helpful about the right containers to organize, preventing decision fatigue, action plans, and maintenance strategies. She also respected my sentimental attachment to certain things, and did not pressure me to get rid of anything I didn’t want to. However, what I was willing to let go of, she whisked away and donated to appropriate organizations. We took out bags and bags of trash and recycling. I donated many bags and boxes of clothing, books, and school supplies. I feel like I can breathe more deeply in my room now; it finally feels like the haven I was wishing it could be. I’m so grateful for Sahiba’s services and I highly recommend her!

Chris L.

My wife and I moved in together during Covid and we just threw all of our stuff from our 30+ years of living alone into a one bedroom apartment. The place was completely overwhelming and insurmountable, or so we thought. With the amazing guidance of Sahiba. Everything now has a home! When she first came she asked where an item belonged, I looked at her blankly, and said “I don’t know, that’s why you’re here” by the end it became a running joke when she would ask where things belonged. But now everything has a home everything is labeled and the overwhelming insurmountable chaos is gone. They are literally not words in the English language for how grateful we are for Sahiba‘s amazing skills and her decision to create her company Declutter Bee!

Surya D.

Sahiba is a real professional and knows how to do it right. I always used to struggle with organising things and ended up accumulating a lot of clutter. Thanks to Sahiba, she made me realise how important it is to get that clutter out.

Arun D.

Sahiba did a great job in helping us prepare for a complex moving project. She also helped bring in vendors to dispose items for sale. I would recommend her without reservations to any potential clients looking for assistance in this area.

Alexandra A.

Sahiba was kind and efficient. She helped me organize my basement in very little time and provided excellent instructions. I recommend her without reservations.
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