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5 Steps for Decluttering for Bliss: Elevating Self-Care and Strengthening Your Connection with Your Better Half

Decluttering isn't just about organizing physical spaces; it's a powerful tool for self-care and cultivating a stronger connection with your better half. In this blog post, and February is the month to do just that! Let's explore the synergy between decluttering, home organizing, self-care, and the profound impact it can have on your relationship as well as some steps we can take towards building a space that welcomes love.

  1. Understand the reason behind "Why should we declutter and organize my/our personal space?"

  2. Communication and Compromise

  3. Divide and Conquer

    1. Remove/collect all items from the bedroom, bathroom and closet floors. Clean out areas under all furniture such as bed, nightstands, chest/dresser

    2. Purge immediate or obvious trash

    3. Re-home the remaining things found on the floors

    4. Clear bedside tables/nighstands and keep only necessary items (including the drawers) - a book/kindle, journal, nightlamp, medicines, glass of water, and anything else you need access to at night

    5. Create a solution for your clothes - dirty, to be repeated (not dirty), clean clothes. Understand how would you keep them and where. Use hangers, hampers, and hooks for different solutions.

    6. Declutter and organize your clothes, shoes and accessories. Always keep a donation box in the closet to toss something you have not worn/used in a long time or do not like wearing. Schedule a monthly donation drop off.

  4. Maintenance

  5. Celebrating Progress

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