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Harnessing Anger for Ruthless Decluttering

Nobody ever talks about this, but how many of you actually feel it or understand it?

We can get angry for a number of reasons. What do you do when you get angry? Here're some actions I take and I am sure you too take when angry:

  • Take it out on people I love around me either by getting into a fight with them or give them the silent treatment. Honestly, harsh, hurtful words once out can never be taken back. It just spoils relationships

  • Numb out (as my therapist says) in front of the TV or doomscroll on the phone so that I can distract myself or my angry feelings. Excellent way to waste time because you can't put a time limit on it

  • Walk it off (or some people run) - fantastic idea! Get out, get some fresh air and perspective. Let people around you know you need some space to process your anger and cool down

  • Or Declutter ruthlessly!! The end result is two-fold - it reduces anger and the decluttered space feels amazing! I

Redirecting anger can be a powerful tool in decluttering and organizing your space. When anger strikes, it often comes with a surge of energy and determination that can be channeled into the task of decluttering. Use this heightened state to make more decisive choices about what to keep and what to let go. As you sort through your belongings, visualize releasing that anger with each item you remove, creating a more peaceful and organized environment that reflects your inner calm.

Benefits of Decluttering and Organizing

  1. Increased Productivity: A clutter-free space allows for better focus and efficiency, making it easier to complete tasks and projects.

  2. Reduced Stress: Clutter can lead to feelings of overwhelm and anxiety. Decluttering creates a calmer environment, promoting a sense of relaxation.

  3. Improved Mood: A tidy space can have a positive impact on your mood and mental health, helping you feel more content and at peace.

  4. Enhanced Creativity: A clutter-free environment can stimulate creativity and innovation, providing a clearer mindset for thinking outside the box.

  5. Better Health: Decluttering can reduce dust and allergens in your home, leading to improved respiratory health and overall well-being.

Lastly, how do you choose what space to declutter? Do's and Dont's to be aware of:

  • Select a space where only you have to take decisions and that is affecting you a lot

  • Do pick a smaller area that you have been procrastinating on decluttering for some time - junk drawer, any category of clothes, your work desk

  • Take any space you decluttered as a win no matter how small or big

  • Listen to calming music while you work (I personally love white noise - water stream, pitter patter of rain or calm ocean waves)

  • Never declutter spaces that are very large or dependent on other's decisions

  • Don't declutter belongings to which you have an emotional attachment to

Share pictures of spaces you have decluttered ruthlessly by channeling your anger.

If you need help, ideas or just plain simple motivation to get started, you can always set up a discovery call with me here.

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