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What to do with old Greeting Cards?

I love the holiday season. There's so much fun n' frolic in the air. We decorate, shop for gifts, send out cards, cook and are merry together. What after that? We have to declutter and organize our homes and get back on track with our daily lives.

One of the things we have to take care of are Greeting Cards. Before you let dust settle on them, declutter! What can we do with greeting cards:

1. Use the card tops to make gift tags

2. Re-purpose cards to make new greeting cards

3. Make a collage

4. Cut and stick something you like in your journal

5. Make bookmarks

6. Make postcards

7. Make refrigerator magnets

8. Make coasters

9. Frame your favourites

10. Donate card tops to schools, orphanages or to Children's hospitals where these cards are repurposed and sold again. Find out local places that accept them. Try @stjudesranchforchildren

Helping them helps you!

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