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Transformative Tuesdays - Moving homes

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Growing up, we moved a lot as a family. That meant a lot of packing and unpacking. Oh and let me tell you, we had a lot of stuff (about 150 boxes). We learnt from our errors with every move and we ultimately devised a system to pack that worked.

Here are some of the most important systems and ideas you can implement during a move:

  • The first step is to sort and purge - old shoes, clothes, stationery, books, you name it.

  • Distinct items should be packed in separate boxes. Eg: crockery, everyday cooking utensils, books, stationery, photos, electronics, etc. each need to have a separate box.

  • Use clothes and sheets to pack breakable items instead of plastic packing material. Saves money and environment.

  • The items to be least used in the new place should be at the bottom.

  • The most important system - number each box and have a hand written/printed list of contents for each numbered box.

  • Post the move, the boxes should be placed in rooms where their contents need to be organized.

  • The boxes should be stacked in the order you will need to unpack.

  • The last thing to be packed and first to be unpacked should be the kitchen.

  • Unpack kitchen, beds, linens and bathroom essentials first.

  • Bring out the organizer in you or opt for a Professional Organizer to help you with the move

For Professional Organizing Services connect with Declutter Bee here.

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