Services Offered

In-person Decluttering and Organizing Home

In-person Decluttering and Organizing Office

Organizing Coaching

DIY Plans

Do-It-For-You Organizing


Donation Drop-Offs

Off-site Paper Management

* Please Note: Declutter Bee does not provide any Cleaning Services.

How It All Works:

  1.  45 minute Needs Assessment where we’ll talk about your goals, what's working for you and not working for you

  2. Determine number of hours needed

  3.  Select a package fit for your needs

  4. Schedule all appointments immediately

What is Coaching?

An Organizing Coach helps clients create awareness and helps them understand their "why" for getting organized. Declutter Bee  recognizes that clients subconsciously already have solutions to their challenges, asks them powerful questions to find those solutions, help them see things differently and create a perspective shift.