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Schedules - Does this happen to you too?

My husband and I discuss our schedule for the next day the previous night - who has the car, what time are we in meetings, do either of us need to take on a responsibility that the other can't attend to, what do we need, has our pet dog pooped or not, his behavior, etc. But by morning, with so much going on, my husband would forget what we discussed the previous night and we would repeat the discussion. And this would happen with me too.

This is how I solved the problem:

He retains information by writing it down. He has post-its for immediate use, and he maintains a calendar. So do I! All we did was share our calendars. My meetings, organizing sessions, personal appointments, consultations, networking sessions, volunteer work, reminders, everything is on the calendar. And we know who is busy when. We still discuss our agenda for the day before we go to bed. But we check each other's calendar when we start our day. Life is comparatively simpler now.

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